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hasanX is a Helsinki based creative Business Design & Customer Experience Agency.
hasanX offers design services for customer experience management, service design, user-experience design, ux design, ui design, business design, organization design, employee experience design.



hasanX is a new creative Business Design & Customer Experience Agency launching in August 2019. We help our clients in creating new or growing existing businesses. We design new services and digital experiences across the whole service ecosystem. We help our clients become more customer-centric and design-driven. And all of this we do in multidisciplinary teams, together with other competencies in our group.

What makes us unique?

We are second to none in creativity, customer centricity, holistic business and brand understanding combined with world-class design experience. We say farewell to boring by turning brands into interesting entities, difficult into user-friendly, connect your customer and brand in every touchpoint into a seamless customer experience. We design by anchoring everything into the business strategy of your company.



Joakim Karske, CEO & Founder


+358 50 4862 395



Our services

CUStomer experience management

A great customer experience is the fastest way to building customer loyalty, business growth and brand value. We help companies in customer experience management from vision to strategy, implementation and metrics.

service Design

Providing a seamless customer experience over every customer journey and the entire service ecosystem is easier said than done. We help you build a new service offering, better customer journeys, and turn your people flow into cash flow. If all you have is an idea, we’re happy to build a prototype and validate its potential with your customers.

Business design

Customer insight is the most important growth driver for business. We design and validate the market potential of new service concepts or business models – together with you. We help you reposition your brand, create a meaningful brand purpose and a winning brand strategy.

UX design

We design mobile-first, easy-to-use digital experiences for all use cases. We optimize your digital customer journeys and conversion rates. We create digital experience prototypes and test them with real users. We make sure your digital experiences communicate your brand and your customer experience vision.

Organization DESIGN 

Great customer experience without great employee experience is not possible. We help you define and differentiate the two. We help you become more customer focused by creating the enablers for a customer-centric culture together with you during the entire transformation.


Most companies need to rethink their organization, business model and customer experience including the wider service ecosystem. hasanX offers a one-stop-shop solution for this.
— Joakim Karske, CEO


hasanX is part of hasan & partners group, a Helsinki-based multidisciplinary team of 190 business-minded creatives, UX, service and business designers, storytellers, animators, strategists, communication professionals, data scientists, developers and experienced design leaders operating in Helsinki, Stockholm and San Francisco.